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Plastic Product Design and Development

Plastic Product Design and Development

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We are offering service for Plastic and Metal Products Designing Service. Our services include designing of plastic and metal products to use in automotive, medical devices, medical equipment, access control equipment, Lab equipment, FMCG, packaging, construction, consumer electronics, telecom & so on.

Our vast expertise and experience across verticals has equipped us to undertake complete strategy and evolution planning for products and manage them throughout the design & development life cycle. Our design solutions are certified and compliance standards are ready for the real world scenario. Our enabling processes allow customers to concentrate on critical needs rather than worry about mass production, iterations due to lack of design planning, change in specifications, manufacturing and assembly issues, last minute modifications and cost over-runs, resulting into over all delays and loss of opportunity. These processes also help in creation of proprietary intellectual property and developing features that set our customer’s product apart from the competition. Our comprehensive support, in IPR Strategy, Planning, Research & Documentation, free our customers from legal and compliance issues.

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