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New Product Design and Development

New Product Design and Development

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Vast experience in development of variety of mechanical, electromechanical, electronic products from conception to delivery.

With rapid changes in customer tastes, fashions, social attitudes, technology and competition, a firm cannot rely on its existing products to maintain revenues and profits. To expand (or possibly even stand still) firms must develop and successfully launch streams of new products.

Customers expect new and improved products and will quickly change their loyalties if their needs and wants are not met by the firm.

The term ’;new product’; refers to:

  • A new and innovative product different to anything else currently sold on the market
  • A significant upgrade of an existing product containing new features
  • A product ’;perceived’; to be different by customers

Ultimately ’;product’; is the most important element of the marketing mix. A firm can have exceptionally slick marketing techniques or very low prices, but if customers do not want its products, the firm will fail!

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