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Concept (Industrial) Design Services

Concept (Industrial) Design Services

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An idea is the most fundamental requirement of any product. Concept design works abstractly with questions on what should be produced rather than on how it should be designed, Knowing the ins and out of a concept helps in creating a successful product. With expert Industrial Designers we strives to give manufacturers a competitive edge in the marketplace by enhancing both the actual and perceived the value of the products that it produces, making them user-friendly, durable, visually distinctive, attractive, and at the same time economical to manufacture. The design process begins by first carefully determining the initial requirements of the client. Often, the client has unique objectives beyond what is immediately obvious. The initial idea is then refined in phase two, taking into consideration factors such as ergonomics, safety, structural integrity and manufacturing costs, as well as various visual and marketing opportunities. Several design options are presented to the client in the form of conceptual sketches. Simplified sketch models are often built in order to more closely evaluate size, feel and presence of a proposed design. We at UNIBEST TECHNO SOLUTION take your ideas to the next level by conceptualizing and developing it using CAD and finally delivering 3-Dimensional models of your idea.

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